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MESSAGE to you ... from Anne and Bob,

We're people who understand that your web site is the single most important component of your marketing communications program.

We bring to you years of marketing communications experience, corporate presentation expertise, a deep understanding of how information is created, packaged, communicated, and retained.

         We're the people you have been looking for.

Who are these people you've been looking for?
Anne Ward and Bob Sandidge are experienced and knowledgeable marketing communications professionals. Both have started and run their own businesses. Both are creative idea engines who bring a fresh and refreshing vision to your business and who know how to connect that vision with your prospects and customers. Bob has 30 plus years as the owner and creative engine of a media communications company he founded in 1971. Bob pioneered several computer graphic techniques in the mid 70's and has written and produced hundreds of presentations for companies such as IBM, DuPont Critical Care, VeryFine Juice, Chicago Rawhide, Chicago Bridge and Iron, Bussman, TRW Electronics, Komatsu-Dresser and hundreds of others. Short version - he know how to communicate using today's internet technology.

Your web marketing strategy is so important that it should only be entrusted to marketing communications professionals. Your web marketing strategists need to be active and key members of your web marketing team - or, perhaps, become your whole web marketing team.

When you partner with SpectralHost.com and SpectralArts.com you "hire" a professional marketing team with more than 30 years of business communications and corporate presentation experience to help you create and manage your web marketing program. Settle for no less. No charge to explore the possibilities. Talk with us today.

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